A revolutionary audio visualizer software.

Bazik generates simple and striking visual effects by reacting to the audio that is captured by your built-in mic or any other audio input.

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Direct download version 1.10


Bazik is a audio visualizer software product for VJs, DJs, clubs and musicians. This is certainly the easiest way to produce a strong visual show.


Bazik is built for High Definition: HD, UHD, 3 video projectors, no limit! Its graphics engine is optimized to create maximum impact with minimum resources.


In a few minutes, without any content or knowledge, you will have understood its functioning and its potential. Just play sound and look it do the show !

Is Bazik really made for me ?


I’m Dj or music lover

Bazik was thought so that whoever can in a few minutes produce visuals which make sense with the music. Open Bazik, use the automations and looks how Bazik works alone. Just play music, it’ll do the rest !



I’m Vj or advanced AV performer

Although it is very easy to take in hand, Bazik is also powerful and flexible. With Syphon, Midi, OSC and the possibility of use multiple instances simultaneously, Bazik is a great tool to quickly create a complex staging or video mapping !



That interested me  !

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