General Sales Conditions

Application and Deviations

• The present general sales conditions are applicable to all Bazik SAS contractual transactions between the parties, notwithstanding any other stipulations on order forms or any other documents issued by the Buyer. Derogation is allowed only by express written agreement. Even then, the general sales conditions will apply for all the remaining items.
Offers and Order Confirmation
• Each order binds the Buyer, but only binds the Seller after written confirmation, delivery or invoicing. Only written quotations issued by the Seller will be considered as valid, for the indicated period. If no period is indicated, the quotations remain valid for 15 days. After this term, and if an order is placed, the Seller has the right to accept or to refuse the order or to change its conditions.


• The indicated prices include VAT and taxes. In the event of import duties payable in the country of the Buyer, those duties will be supported by the Buyer.

Terms of delivery

• Unless provided otherwise in writing, software license codes and activation instructions are sent by e-mail to the address mentioned by the buyer in his account immediately after the automated payment process.

 Complaints / Cancellations / Returns

• Software or footage purchased online through our website is considered opened at the time of purchase. Software licence cannot be returned / refunded / exchanged if the activation code has been used to obtain a serial number and activate the software on a computer.
 If the license has not been used to generate a serial number it will be refunded within 30 days after the Seller’s acknowledgement to the refund request sent by the User.
• Upgrades, updates, conversion offers and special offers in any form cannot be returned / refunded / exchanged
• The Seller reserves the right to keep an amount of 30 EUR on each refund no matter the amount refunded in order to cover administrative costs.
Recourse against the Seller is in any case limited to the amount of the invoice for the goods concerned. Any other form of compensation is excluded.

Force Majeure – Acts of God

• If the Seller or its suppliers cannot produce and/or deliver as a result of force majeure or other special circumstances such as conflicts of any kind (state of war, strike, lock out, unlawful occupation of premises, etc.) the Seller can decide to cancel the further (total or partial) execution of the agreement, or to postpone delivery to a later date than agreed upon, without the Buyer being entitled to any claim of compensation.


• Unless provided otherwise in writing, the invoices are due upon receipt. Depending on the circumstances and in particular when the Seller ascertains a deterioration in the Buyer’s solvency, the Seller is entitled to claim all necessary financial guarantees to ensure the integral execution of his contractual obligations. This claim can be made before or after the delivery or at any moment during the execution of the contract. If the required guarantees are not provided by the Buyer, the Seller shall be entitled to suspend his obligations and to invoke the termination of the whole or part of the contract.

 Intellectual property – copyrights

• The delivery of the goods does not imply any transfer of their copyright. Copyrights on the goods remain the sole property of the Seller. The goods or any essential part of the trademarks, drawings, models, patents, etc.. shall not be imitated or copied without prior written consent of the Seller.

 Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

• Any dispute between the Seller and the Buyer arising from the present contract and its execution, shall be governed by French law in general and by the present general sales conditions in particular.