Bazik was born in the head of Maxime Dreyfus, french digital designer & dj.

Maxime is one of those guys able to appropriate technology to transform it into something beautiful and captivating. He is a passionate inventor, artist at heart. Formed multimedia and video games in Canada, he get started as a designer and developer in several digital agency in France. He integrates a retail & event company and create multimedia installations, fashion shows and high-level immersives experiences. Pioneer of video mapping, it will appeal to sports brands and participate in prestigious product launches.

Today, Maxime decided to focus on his passions: music and entertainment. Because it is also an experienced Dj that explores over 15 years of electronic music instruments and turntables (aka Taktik).

“Is there a simple software to send animations on a screen while you play ?”

During his partys, his experiments have leave unsatisfied because vjing does not leave enough place for instinct, play, live. There is often a long process of pre-produce content, and interfaces not playful enough for his taste. He worked with the idea of ​​making the vjing more easy and fun. Thus was born Bazik.


Thanks to the Openframeworks community and Syphon team.


47 rue de Metzeral
67100 STRASBOURG / France
RCS : 804 757 599 00019
TVA : FR39804757599