• 26 / 09 / 2014
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Public release announce

This week, I have spend time in completly refound the 3D light system to be most efficient and very light.

Bazik is now running like a charm in a old Macbook (2007 – Core 2 Duo – 2 Go Ram) with HD output. The program is low CPU consumption but very powerful.

My priority has always been that Bazik be usable by the largest number of users easily. Therefore the engine must be efficient, even on an old machine. It also allows advanced users to use multiple versions of Bazik simultaneously to create unlimited possibilities. With its new Open GL well optimized engine, you will be able to have fun without exhausting your computer !

So I’m happy to announce the public release date for Mac OSX: 10/10/2014

This leaves me time to test and fix bugs, and work on tutorials & support.

After the launch, I will start working on PC version.


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