• 05 / 10 / 2021
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I started working on Bazik in 2014 because I couldn’t find software that was simple and accessible to bring my video mappings to life with a nice audio reactive.

For 2 years, driven by enthusiastic users feedbacks, I improved the software to the point where I “got the job done”. You should know that developing PC & MAC software alone is a hell of a job, and I was satisfied with the result. A simple and powerful tool, with its own style.

Seeing over the years new talented developers and new teams coming up with software, I told myself that Bazik had inspired people, and that others would do better soon.

The only thing I regretted about the technology I was using was the difficulty in integrating user-created content and update the software. Indeed, C ++ is very powerful, but it is a compiled language, so it is complicated to load external files. I had found a solution with GLSL Shaders but it must be admitted that it is not at all intuitive to use, even with a good technical skill.

Now in 2021, I realize that Bazik is still in use, and that there is no convincing alternative. So to take up the project as a challenge, I’m going to try a new approach, with a new language. I hope that it will give a new relevant tool, in the same philosophy, but in a renewed style and with the possibility of easily adding content.

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