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Hi Ale, thanks for your ideas.

Your request is legitimate, but i’m not sure is it for this product. I explain me. 
Bazik would be a “ready to play” software that can be easy use by everyone. I have work a lot around Sync Bpm and create a powerfull audio engine but for the final user I really want that he don’t have worry about it. 
That’s why, for this product, I don’t want MIDI Sync or complex connexion; run Bazik, plug your projector, and let’s go ! 
You are making drum & conga ? It’s work ! You are computer liver ? It’s work ! You are a old school dj with turntable ? It’s work ! That’s the philosophy for this product.
But your request is really interesting and Bazik users are separate between “novice” and “advanced vj”. I’m going to think about a Pro product with more precise parameters.
I hope Bazik become a suite of plugin where everyone can find account. We can write this story together and I’m open and ready to change my mind