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Hi! Bazik sounds really like a great intuitive program! I downloaded it to give it a shout, but also at my pc (windows 7, intel i7) I can’t get the sound input running. When I start Bazik (which only works when disabling avira antivir, as it would always block it) and go to options the only sound input is “K2 USB ASIO driver”, which is interesting as this only shows up when my K2 (allen&heath xone:k2) is disconnected. Furthermore it isn’t even an input device, it uses ASIO drivers, but can only output sound. When I connect the K2 to my computer and start Bazik the only option for sound input is “Default Device” which is my laptops internal microphone. But nothing happens in Bazik. Also tried the microphone of a webcam as default device, but again no reaction from Bazik. My microphones are working which I can see in Windows sound preferences. Any idea? Where does Bazik take the information which microphones are available?