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You can use the eq to adjust the sound input

… and Automation has 2 modes : click the circle next to “auto” for choose the level “Soft” or “Normal” (check FAQ for more details).

This is for the actual possibility about this point, but I know that it’s not really what you think about.

Bazik was created for DJs (and by a dj!) who want to put their music easily into video motion; this is why the presets are more suited to electronic music, focusing on the rhythm rather than melody. I worked a lot in this direction and I think it is successful for that use. 

Over time I realized that this tool could be useful for other styles of music: rock, salsa, classic, or TV show (oh my god, french tv shows are very bad in vjing ). That’s why now when I create new free preset, I’m looking in any direction, and if you try the first pack I just publish, you can find smoother presets. It’s just the beginning, but I try to satisfy everyone 🙂