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    Version 1.02 | Bazik – Live visual software for your music show

    First at all, I want to thank all the people who have already download and purchase Bazik. Many of you made me great feedbacks !
    Some one had bugs that we solved together. That’s help me to improve Bazik.

    A priority bug and some minors have been corrected for this 1.02 version.

    – Rewrite OSC server (because it can crash Mac 10.9.5 offline)
    – Add GLSL “shift” param, very usefull for GLSL creator
    – Improve Textfields
    – Create the Updater app

    Here is the link for update app :

    Simply drag n drop your in, and it is update ! You can create a clone before and just update the clone to be safe.
    Remember, the forum is open, if you have any problem, or if you just wanna say you love Bazik !



    Any suggestions for the next update are always welcome.

    To do list :
    – Add admin fullscreen mode with black background
    – The possibility to close render window when Syphon is running
    2 points are linked, and are not really easy, because I need to find a way to stay compatible with PC.

    Great thank you.

    Some thoughts:
    Didnt figured how to create slower movements: everything I get is very “flashy” which is nice, but sometimes I wanted to get something “smoother, or better slower moving”. Also the volume controls could react more sensible for softer music: I am using SoundSyphon as input source, so that works fine. As I am VJing also to classical music, the loudness is different there.


    You can use the eq to adjust the sound input

    … and Automation has 2 modes : click the circle next to “auto” for choose the level “Soft” or “Normal” (check FAQ for more details).

    This is for the actual possibility about this point, but I know that it’s not really what you think about.

    Bazik was created for DJs (and by a dj!) who want to put their music easily into video motion; this is why the presets are more suited to electronic music, focusing on the rhythm rather than melody. I worked a lot in this direction and I think it is successful for that use. 

    Over time I realized that this tool could be useful for other styles of music: rock, salsa, classic, or TV show (oh my god, french tv shows are very bad in vjing ). That’s why now when I create new free preset, I’m looking in any direction, and if you try the first pack I just publish, you can find smoother presets. It’s just the beginning, but I try to satisfy everyone 🙂

    Thank you for engagement! I understand your intention. I´m sure its a good development to think in different styles/genres and open it up.

    All the best,
    P.S.: for that one again I didnt get a notification 


    Yes, I have some troubles with this board (vanilla forum), specially with spammers, I need to find an expert to help me…


    Good luck finding an expert for vanillaforums. Interested finding one here in Vienna/Austria




    We use the BotStop plug in on the isadora forums.


    Thank you for help ! 

    Now user need valid his email before post, it’s a little less friendly but efficient.


    You need it trust me – without it you end up with thousands of spam users each day! 🙂



    Done ! 🙂


    Good to know about BotStop. Also tried to create a forum via Vanillaforums and soon stumbled upon that problematic.



    Firstly love bazik,

    Having OSC crash problems in 1.01

    1.02 Update renders the app unbootable

    System Version: OS X 10.10.5 (14F1605)

    Kernel Version: Darwin 14.5.0



    Hi Imackay,

    Please try the last current version 1.10 available at home page, normally it’s run without trouble.



    The updater renders the app unusable and will not open. 



    Your right John. 

    The updater as some troubles, that’s why I need to work on an other way for next update.
    The best way for update now is to download the last version on the home page. If you need, you can get your data folder in your oldest version and drag and drop it into the last version (replace all the path) so you can get your preferences. 


    thanks for sharing
    Crazy Bulk




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