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    Back to the project | Bazik – Vj Software & Music Visualizer

    Bazik is a audio visualizer software for vjs and music lovers. The easiest way to produce a strong visual show in real-time without any skills or content.

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    It would be great to be able to work on two presets simultaneously and also have the ability crossfade between two presets, allowing you set your next one up while your current one plays. It would also be nice to be able to recall whole presets, including color scheme, param and fx values, etc, so that presets you have used  in the past can be used again without having to completely recreate them.




    Let’s go 🙂 


    Hi guys!

    Just some words about my work. It’s difficult for me to update Bazik because OS evolved and… Windows developement is currently in a major step with Win 10 and Universal app, and there is lot of new things and good practice to learn. To be honest, i regulary ask myself if i continue with Windows…
    Thanks for your suggestions, and get in touch 🙂


    Well apple seems to be going down the pan too! haha!


    Keep on the good work!



    Hey Maxime,

    is the BAZIK app still going on ? would like to buy it but would be a pity if there will be no more updates !


    ps: i am anyways on OSX 😉



    Hello Koochey !

    To be honest, i currently work on other exciting project, but i always keep an eye on Bazik, and when i’ve got more time, i will work back on Bazik. For the moment, it is stable on current OS, so there is an interesting tool that few people exploit for now.
    In any case, Bazik is not dead 🙂


    Hey Maxime – thanks for the quick reply and good that it’s not lost !

    ok cool – if it’s kinda Bazik Pro i hope there will be an upgrade offer ;P
    do you have any little teaser info ?



    I just make a kind of project agenda for the next year, and i probably work on Bazik in September.

    I will focus on content : more content, more possibility of custom content from pictures, 3D object or vector files. Mixing 2 presets is probably come with.
    But for that, i need to completely change my framework, because the current one take me a lot of time for the Windows version, and so i can’t make a quick update.
    In any cases, the user community is small, but passionate and benevolent. I would never forget those who have already made the effort to pay for my work 🙂


    Thank you for your wonderful post! However, we should also add to this the site –https: // which contains an excellent collection video loops!



    Now that you’re working on Bazik again, here are a few items on my wish list:

    I’d love to see some kind of crossfade between presets. Right now I fake it by cranking up the blur while I choose a new preset, then backing off on the blur. I use Bazik for more ambient live space space music shows, so jarring transitions aren’t ideal for me
    I enjoy stumbling upon new combinations of effects during live shows, so something like a quick SAVE SCENE button would be ideal so that I could reproduce it again.
    An expanded preset interface (that shows more than one row at a time on the main UI) would be nice; perhaps being able to list multiple banks of favorite presets would be cool too.
    I’d like the ability to resize the interface to fit my Mac’s screen, as well as the ability for a key combination to automatically show the output on my second monitor or projector. 
    I am so happy that you are working on Bazik again! I do live events every month, and our audience members are always asking me what software I’m using!


    Thanks for your reply and ideas 😉



    Wouah !

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