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    I have been trying the demo , am not able to sync the visuals to BPM. I see you can adjust the frequencies- L,M,H but this doesn’t sync to BPM. in my trial set up i have bazik and the audio file on the same PC- am assuming this should not be an issue. How can i get the visuals and effects pulsating to BPM? even when audio is not playing the visuals are doing its own thing.

    Any help or guidance will be appreciated.
    All in All, Bazik is awesome for getting some visuals flowing immediately

    If you perform on your laptop, simply use your mic. A microphone or an input audio (soundcard or audio hardware) is the best way to send sound to Bazik.

    If Bazik get sound, it automaticaly sync to music BPM.
    If you don’t have any hardware sound input, you can easy simulate it with this app :

    With this app, you can send your PC sound directly to Bazik, or your speaker, or both 🙂
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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