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    Hi, I’m novice at Bazik, from japan.
    I noticed that support for QC (.qtz) has ended. I want to use an image file, but in Bazik, I do not know how to pass a texture to a fragment shader  (like GLSL textrue2d function), and I do not even know whether it is feasible. 
    plz tell me how to solve it and if you know other means
    thx to read.


    In the current version, there is no way for import image.

    Bazik Live is focus in generative performance with very low memory and GPU charge.
    But this kind of feature are coming in next release ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Yeah, in the previous version there was no tools for importing the files, but in the following version such tool appeared. There is a good video on YouTube, where the author explains all features of each versions. These videos have a lot of likes and comments, so you will find them easily. It seems that the author used to succeed such numbers.



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