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    What is Bazik ?

    Bazik is a software capable of generating graphical animations based on music. The program analyzes the music and detects time outs to provide relevant variations. It is also highly interactive, because the user has total control in « real time ».
    The special feature of this software is that it is based on the idea of very simple retro game, and very complete. A preset is a piece of code with instructions for generating graphic content. Each preset has « 8 mods » which are all variations of the preset. Each preset also has a « Break » function to create breaks in animation. Each preset has 2 control settings (-100 to 100) that effect the results (number of shapes, sizes, speed …).
    Bazik comes with many presets for various graphic styles, ranging from simple square 2D to 3D tunnel light. Each is an original creation designed for Bazik. It is also possible to use external presets in the form of Quartz (.qtz) or GLSL Shader (.frag) file.
    Bazik has 8 effects that are used in conjunction with the basic preset.
    Bazik can generate a video of any resolution (in the host machine capabilities), and share the video with other applications. Bazik can also be controlled via MIDI or OSC.

    The origins of Bazik

    Bazik was born in the head of Maxime Dreyfus (aka Taktik), french digital designer & dj.
    Maxime is one of those guys able to appropriate technology and to transform it into something beautiful and captivating. He is a passionate inventor, an artist at heart.
    Trained in multimedia and video games design, he started his career as a designer and developer with several digital agencies in France.
    After 3 years, Maxime decided to change direction. Using his Multimedia expertise to combine both the virtual and the physical worlds, he is able to project images onto a physical object whether it be a building or a person (model) the effect is always spectacular. This vision allowed him to work with several high profile sports brands promoting new products and alluminating their fashion shows.
    Today, Maxime decided to focus on his passions: music and entertainment. Because he is also a DJ with over 15 years of experience in electronic music, various instruments and turntables.
    His vj experiments left him unsatisfied because vjing did not leave him enough place for his natural artistic instincts, fun and creative live performances. Prior to Bazik there was a large amount of work involved to create visual content and nothing seemed user friendly. Bazik was born from a need to simplify vjing for everyone.

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