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    Hi All,

    I know there are 100’s of MIDI and OSC controllers out there… for DJ’s, VJ’s and LX people. 
    But this one really caught my eye. In the UK they have been selling for around £100 but last month they dropped to £42-£50 (depending on postage).
    It’s called a Numark Orbit. Yes – I know it looks like a toy but I’d really recommend it for Bazik (and other software). 
    I am going to do a video in the New Year (2015) and will share my patch for it once I’m happy with it. 
    Key features:
    2.4 GHz ultra-low-latency wireless performance control

    16 backlit pads, 4 selectable banks, 4 virtual knobs per bank

    Internal 2-axis accelerometer for instant motion control via 2 shoulder trigger controls

    100% MIDI-customizable: control music, software, videos, effects, lighting, and more

    Use handheld, strapped to belt or body or hung around neck

    Included MIDI editor allows easy configuration of all 84 performance controls

    Illuminated aluminum-faced control wheel

    Includes Orbit DJ software

    Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

    I hope this helps or Inspires someone.


    Graham (skulpture) 


    Yeah, happy to see that.

    If you have a nice online shop to buy it, i’m interesting (in France, it’s actually 100 €)
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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