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    Now that you’re working on Bazik again, here are a few items on my wish list:

    I’d love to see some kind of crossfade between presets. Right now I fake it by cranking up the blur while I choose a new preset, then backing off on the blur. I use Bazik for more ambient live space space music shows, so jarring transitions aren’t ideal for me
    I enjoy stumbling upon new combinations of effects during live shows, so something like a quick SAVE SCENE button would be ideal so that I could reproduce it again.
    An expanded preset interface (that shows more than one row at a time on the main UI) would be nice; perhaps being able to list multiple banks of favorite presets would be cool too.
    I’d like the ability to resize the interface to fit my Mac’s screen, as well as the ability for a key combination to automatically show the output on my second monitor or projector. 
    I am so happy that you are working on Bazik again! I do live events every month, and our audience members are always asking me what software I’m using!
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)